Our Story - Our Goal

I opened Tweet N Stitchy on Etsy in 2015 with a passion to make everyday objects beautiful with high quality embroidery work.

In 2020, having served almost 1000 satisfied customers, I started this personal site, extending the beauty of hand embroidered goods with a wider audience, and sharing more about myself and projects I'm working on.  My clients have included a few actresses and models, a few notable folks, many many happy customers in my Etsy shop, and my handiwork has been shared in People Magazine (online), featured on The Knot in their list of "28 of the Best Wedding Gifts to Give Your Bride" (July 2020), and Southern Bride Magazine (Winter 2020) in action at weddings. Engagements Photos shared my couples shoes, and my hand stitched TOMS in their lineup of "5 Unique Men's Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas" (December 2020). Brides Magazine online included my tiny shop in their list of "26 Wedding Sneakers to Take You from the Aisle to the Afterparty and Beyond" in February - August 2021.  Its been a wild ride but a joy every step of the way!  

Custom work shouldn’t be just for an elite group.  Beauty is something we all can enjoy and appreciate. I want you to shop at Tweet N Stitchy knowing you will be treated as a neighbor and a friend, experience excellent service, & the final product you receive will be a thing of beauty that you will treasure. 

Prompt, Precise, Polished hand embroidered goods – this is my goal for everything I make!

- Kim from Tweet N Stitchy